Teen does movie-trailer guy impression, impresses Web

Move over, "movie trailer guy." Step back, golden-voiced homeless man, Ted Williams. There's a new viral video star who has captured the Web14-year-old Jake Fousheewhose dream to be a voice-over actor seems within his reach.

The North Carolina native does a dead-on impression of the late, great Don LaFontaine (the movie pitchman who gave us the classic line, "in a world…"). Many people think that the sonorous movie trailer voice-over died with him, back in 2008. But, oh, how wrong we were.

LaFontaine's self-proclaimed successor has mastered the deep, booming sound of the legendary narrator.

Not surprisingly, the teenager with the manly voice sitting in front of a Walter Cronkite-style microphone has become an Internet sensation, with more than 306,000 views on YouTube, and counting.

In a world where stars are made on the Web, one young man could change the future, forever. Oh, just watch it.