• Top 5 disappearing places

    The U.S. landscape is home to many unique natural formations that took thousands and thousands of years to develop, but as our population -- and need for more space -- grows, there's a risk some may be lost to future generations. For your next trip, consider these Top 5 disappearing places and enjoy them before they disappear.

    5) The Everglades, Florida: The Everglades is the "largest subtropical wilderness" in the country, but because of human encroachment, rare animals are losing their homes. The national park covers about 1.5 million acres and provides all sorts of outdoorsy adventures: camping, kayaking, boating, hiking and bird watching, to name a few.

    4) Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California: These rugged cliffs run along the Southern California coast, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. It's popular area with surfers, whale watchers and weddings. The sandstone bluffs, which feature arches and sea caves, are slowly being eaten away by runoff from developments and

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  • Top 5 places from the movies

    The next best thing to being in the movies is being where the movies were shot. Here's five towns to visit which served as iconic movie locations.

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  • Top 5 places to pop the question

    Candlelight + flowers + diamond = YES. It's a formula that many a suitor has followed to happily wedded bliss. But for more adventurous grooms (and brides) -to-be, here's a list of memorable spots that are guaranteed to get a "yes!"

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  • Seahawks' Lynch blasts Super Bowl reporters with rant

    Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, whose preference not to talk to the media has cost him plenty in fines, finally opened up on Thursday as he blasted reporters for continuing to badger him. "I'm here preparing for a game," Lynch continued.

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