• Top 5 odd museums

    The Louvre. The Guggenheim. MoMA. The Smithsonian -- these famous museums all feature world-class art, sculptures, etc. etc. But do they have barbed wire dioramas? Interactive SPAM exhibits? Or BAD art? (It's harder than it looks.)

    If you're tired of looking at the Mona Lisa, Botticellis and the Venus de Milo, try one of these odd museums on your next vacation:

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  • Top 5 places your car isn’t welcome

    As much as we all moan and groan about traffic jams and highway pile-ups, most Americans would be lost without their wheels. Can you imagine The Beatles singing, "Baby, you can't drive my car ... " ?

    But for those who prefer hoofing to steering, here's a list of the top 5 places in America where wheels aren't welcome:

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  • Top 5 non-ocean ‘beach’ destinations

    Summer may be coming to a close, but there's still time to get your beach on, even if you're nowhere near an ocean. Below are the top 5 "beach" destinations in North America, ocean not required:

    Lake Powell, Utah: Beautiful Lake Powell is located among the red-rock canyons of Utah. For the athletic types, there's everything from kayaking to hiking; for the not-so-athletic types, there are plenty of houseboats available for lazing about. Fun fact: The lake has more shoreline than the entire West Coast.

    Lake Travis, Texas: Austin is a well-known hippie-dippy college town, known for its Tex-Mex, Longhorns, and top-flight music festivals. But Austin is also home to Lake Travis, an 18-acre lake, with 270 miles of shoreline. Fishing? Check. Water sports? Check. Parasailing and diving? Check, check. Fun fact: Lake Travis also boasts the "clothing optional" Hippie Hollow Park.

    World Waterpark, Alberta, Canada: In a city that boasts an average temperature of 15 degrees, the opportunities for

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