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  • Hydrofoiling anyone? It’s 3D water-skiing

    Ever dream of flying 20 feet above the surface of a lake strapped to a modified airplane wing? Then hydrofoiling is your kind of sport. Al Lewin, 35, the leader of eight veteran foilers from Austin, Texas, who call themselves "The A Team," says hydrofoiling is water-skiing in three dimensions. You have to see it in action to understand it — and then trying it is something else entirely.

    Although hydrofoiling is definitely extreme, it's also awesomely fun, as well as relatively safe. Accomplished foilers are airborne acrobats who perform or "throw" front flips, back flips, and exotic tricks with names like "KGB," "CIA," and "Ball and Chain." The best way for a novice to appreciate hydrofoiling's unique thrills and spills is by trying it, as I did on a recent trip to Lake Austin in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

    Al started my first lesson by strapping me onto the so-called foil, a contraption that combines elements of old-school water-skiing with high-tech engineering. Foils range

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  • When I was training for three different Olympic Games, I was always looking for that added edge; something that could help increase my endurance, strength, flexibility, and even my balance. These are keys to success for any athlete, especially an Olympic gymnast. I remember how grueling the training could be. It was not easy to train for two hours starting at 6 a.m. while pushing myself to exhaustion, then coming back to the gym only hours later for a full five-hour training session with an expectation of more strength and stamina. Since there wasn't much recovery time when I was sitting in school all day, I would resort to popping vitamins, indulging in protein bars, and swigging energy drinks for that edge. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't.

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  • Jim Brasher: No Ordinary Weekend

    Jim BrasherEver woken up on a Saturday morning and wondered, where will the weekend take me? I can't wait to find out. Growing up on a large farm in Anderson, Texas, I spent my early years exploring the great outdoors, and I haven't stopped much since.

    In addition to my work on Weekend Edition, I host a program on the Discovery Channel about exotic cultures around the world. Previously, I covered sports at KBTX in Bryan, Texas, then moved to California to work in documentary production.

    I was born in Houston and attended Sam Houston State University, where I earned a degree in Journalism and lettered in four sports. My wife and I live in Los Angeles with our (almost!) four-year-old daughter.


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