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  • When I was training for three different Olympic Games, I was always looking for that added edge; something that could help increase my endurance, strength, flexibility, and even my balance. These are keys to success for any athlete, especially an Olympic gymnast. I remember how grueling the training could be. It was not easy to train for two hours starting at 6 a.m. while pushing myself to exhaustion, then coming back to the gym only hours later for a full five-hour training session with an expectation of more strength and stamina. Since there wasn't much recovery time when I was sitting in school all day, I would resort to popping vitamins, indulging in protein bars, and swigging energy drinks for that edge. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't.

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  • Jim Brasher: No Ordinary Weekend

    Jim BrasherEver woken up on a Saturday morning and wondered, where will the weekend take me? I can't wait to find out. Growing up on a large farm in Anderson, Texas, I spent my early years exploring the great outdoors, and I haven't stopped much since.

    In addition to my work on Weekend Edition, I host a program on the Discovery Channel about exotic cultures around the world. Previously, I covered sports at KBTX in Bryan, Texas, then moved to California to work in documentary production.

    I was born in Houston and attended Sam Houston State University, where I earned a degree in Journalism and lettered in four sports. My wife and I live in Los Angeles with our (almost!) four-year-old daughter.


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