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  • Harry HurtI'm a born adventurer. I'll try anything — at least once.

    I was raised in Houston, Texas, where adventure was something you did every day after school and on the weekends.

    Needless to say, I grew up with a big independent streak.

    I've been a journalist most of my life, starting my career at Texas Monthly and later becoming a columnist for the New York Times. I've also written six books — on subjects ranging from the Apollo lunar landing to the Hunt oil dynasty to Donald Trump. I've also shared my experiences and opinions in a wide array of media — from CBS News' "The Early Show" to ABC's "Nightline" to CNN and whole lot more.

    I've always gone where my passions and curiosity lead me.

    Along the way I've quarterbacked in practice for the New York Jets, skydived with the Golden Knights, and turned over a kayak in a frigid North Carolina river.

    For Weekend Edition, I'll be doing more of the same — discovering and challenging myself all at once. And taking you along for the ride.

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