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  • I slip-slide into an open chute on the bobsled track at Olympic Park in Park City, Utah, looking and feeling like a laughably lame impersonator of some comic-book superhero. I'm sheathed in a red and blue spandex body suit with "USA" stenciled across my bottom in white letters, along with shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, snow boots, and yet another crash helmet. A rare thrill, I'm about to plunge crookedly downhill — headfirst, of course — on a 100-pound metal sled called a skeleton.

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  • It's hard enough for me to find the time and motivation to hit the gym on a daily basis, let alone ensure that my dog Peanut gets a good, brisk walk every day. Finding that extra hour to walk my dog is a challenge and, at times, an inconvenience. Every now and then I will neglect Peanut and just open the back door for her to go for a short run in the yard. I feel bad saying that, but I'm sure many other pet owners can relate. Certainly being a "good" pet owner -- meaning one who doesn't ignore a pet's physical health -- is not easy. Time is of the essence, and with work, travel, relationships, family responsibilities and other commitments, it can be tough. So when I heard about a "dog boot camp," where I could get a good sweat along with my furry little friend, I was on board!

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  • A perfect cup of coffee?

    Does the perfect cup of coffee exist? Only your nose knows. Among coffee connoisseurs, perfection is often defined as coffee that tastes as good as it smells. The experts at Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea say these simple tips can help you brew a truly great cup of coffee.

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