Can Bothaina Kamel Succeed in Egypt?

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Egyptian Bothaina Kamel has already made history. She is the first female presidential candidate seeking to replace Hosni Mubarak who was ousted from power during the 2011 Egyptian revolution. The upcoming elections are slated for May 23-24, according to the Associated Press. Most say the chances of Kamel winning are slim, but that doesn't hinder the 49-year-old's enthusiasm for a new Egypt.

Kamel has a controversial radio and TV past

A graduate of Cairo University, Kamel is a former radio and TV personality turned activist turned politician. But her former life as a radio and TV celebrity is not without some spice. According to CNN, she once resigned from state television because she didn't believe what she was asked to read. In addition, according to The New York Times, her radio show "Nighttime Confessions" was cancelled after six years due to accusations that she was harming the reputation of Egypt and its youth. And her long-running TV show "Please Understand Me" was abruptly cancelled due to her questionable coverage of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

The Candidate is up against front-runners who are members of the old regime

The self-described social democrat is hoping to succeed despite the fact that the front-runners come from the old guard, such as Amr Moussa, Mubarak's former Arab League and foreign minister.

Bothaina is no shrinking violet

Kamel is confident that she can turn Egypt into a working democracy, out of the control of the military. "I want to help bring change to Egypt. That is it. And I can do it," Kamel said as reported at The Jerusalem Post.

The female candidate's life may be at risk

The outspoken activist who once said, "All those men knew that the end of life as they were used to it has finally come, forever. Governments are for the people, not the other way around; the people own their countries, not the regimes," as reported at The Guardian, has risked her life in her quest for change. "At Abbasiya [an anti-SCAF demonstration in Cairo last month which came under attack by armed civilians] they almost killed me - people told me afterwards that some of the baltagiyya [paid thugs] were asking for me by name," Kamel said.

The social democrat has a slogan

Ms. Kamel has a message that leaves no doubt on what is first and foremost on her mind in her quest for the presidency. Says Kamel, "My agenda is Egypt."

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