British art student makes 12-course meal in a can

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All In One

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Imagine sitting down to a gourmet 12-course meal of pickled Kobe beef, poached halibut and rib eye steak. The first appetizer is a plate of local cheese, followed by ricotta ravioli, shiitake mushrooms, risotto made from wild leeks and French onion soup. For dessert, there’s a French canelé, crack pie and a hazelnut latte to wash it all down.

Now imagine dumping all of this out on your plate in a quavering, gelatinous heap.

Titled “All In One,” this stomach-churning meal-in-a-can is the creation of Chris Godfrey, an art student at Kingston College in London.

Godfrey told Wired that the piece was intended as a humorous commentary on consumer culture, in which shoppers are constantly bombarded with the latest gimmick.

“It’s not a statement on the food industry, so much, nor was it ever made for consumption,” he said.

Godfrey meticulously prepared every course, from the halibut poached in truffle butter to the rib eye steak with grilled mustard greens. He then ran each menu item through a food processor and carefully combined them all with gelatin.

“They were individually poured, one by one, on top of each other, with each layer taking about 60 minutes to process and set,” he explained. “It was a long day.”

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