Snowstorm pummels Buffalo: Incredible scenes captured in photos, time-lapse video

Snowdrifts, snow squalls and snow walls seen in upstate New York

A massive storm has dumped more than 5 feet of snow in upstate New York, trapping residents in their homes and stranding hundreds of motorists — and a women's college basketball team — on highways. The governor declared a state of emergency. Officials say at least five people have died as a result of the storm — one man who was found trapped in his car, another pinned underneath a car, and three from heart attacks while shoveling. Another 2 feet of snow is expected to fall on Thursday.

A time-lapse video, captured by Jason Holler and Joseph DeBenedictis (above), shows the epic storm moving into the area.

Members of the Buffalo Fire Department were seen carrying one patient through deep, blinding snow to a hospital.

Meanwhile, snowbound Buffalo-area residents have been sharing incredible photos and videos of snowdrifts, snow squalls and snow walls.