Burger King tests out bacon sundae in US

Word on the street is that after launching a new menu to much fanfare earlier this month, Burger King is testing out an ice cream sundae studded with bacon.

Following Denny’s wild success with their Maple Bacon Sundae last year, Burger King seems to be borrowing a page from their playbook. According to a tipster who provided photographic evidence of the new product to food blog GrubGrade, outlets in Nashville are testing out a slew of new regionalized products that include a bacon sundae, pulled pork and Texas barbecue sandwiches and sweet potato fries.

Ads for the dessert show a strip of crispy bacon embellishing a chocolate fudge sundae.

Like last year’s Denny’s launch which saw news of the product go viral, tweeps are again weighing in, with reaction ranging from excitement to disgust.

“Absolutely disgusted that Burger King has a Bacon Sundae. Seriously America... ,” reads one disenchanted Twitter user.

News that Burger King is testing out the novelty flavor combination comes just one week after the fast food chain unveiled a menu overhaul and launched a star-studded advertising campaign across North America that includes pitchmen like David Beckham, Salma Hayek, Jay Leno, Steven Tyler and Sofia Vergara.

The launch hasn’t been without its hitches. A commercial featuring Mary J. Blige, for instance, was pulled after critics charged it perpetuated racial stereotypes about the African-American community. The ad was for new Crispy Chicken Salad Wraps.

The aggressive ad campaign and menu makeover are all attempts by the chain to recapture its position as the second largest revenue-generating fast food chain after McDonald’s. This year, Wendy’s overtook the longtime rival.