On the Call: Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky

Johnson & Johnson CEO Gorsky sees higher sales growth rate continuing in emerging markets

Associated Press

During a conference call to review Johnson & Johnson's fourth-quarter results, analysts and company executives discussed sales in emerging markets — countries where governments and a growing middle class are now spending more on health care. Those are led by the so-called BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Makers of drugs and other health products increasingly have been targeting such countries for growth, because it's slowed or stalled in wealthier nations. J&J said emerging markets accounted for 22 percent of its total 2013 revenue of $71.3 billion.

Question: What trends are you seeing in sales across emerging markets?

Answer: We think there's a big growth opportunity in emerging markets. Despite some ups and downs, we will likely continue to grow at three to four times the rate we're seeing in developed countries.

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