CDC Report Finds 39 States Now Have Obesity Rates Over 25 Percent

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An analysis of recent data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the state-by-state obesity rates of adults on Monday revealed that there is now not a single U.S. state that has an adult obesity rate that is lower than 20 percent. The data was compiled into a report on adult obesity by the Trust for America's Health (TFAH) and the Ronald Wood Johnson Foundation, according to Reuters.

Once again, the states with the highest rates of obesity in adults were in the South. Together with the Midwest, it accounted for 26 of the individual states with the highest number of obese adults.

Here is some of the key information to emerge from the report on the CDC's findings regarding adult obesity in the United States.

* The most recent data compiled by the CDC was gathered through a telephone survey conducted in 2011. Participants were asked to self-report their height and weight, according to a CBS News/AP report on the study. Some 400,000 Americans were surveyed.

* There are now 12 individual states with an adult obesity rate of 30 percent or more. In 2010, there were nine states with an adult obesity rate of 30 percent or more, according to an Associated Press report.

* Mississippi has the highest adult obesity rate in the U.S., at 34.9 percent, according to the CDC data. This marks the seventh year in a row that Mississippi is the state with the highest percentage of obese adults.

* The CDC found that Colorado still has the lowest percentage of obese adults, at 20.7 percent, but that is an increase over the previous year's data concerning the percentage of the state's adults that are now considered obese. Colorado's increase means that as of 2011, all 50 U.S. states now have an adult obesity rate that is over 20 percent.

* Some 39 states now have adult obesity rates of 25 percent or more, according to the CDC's data.

* Overall, the South has an average adult obesity rate of 29.5 percent, only one-half of a percentage point above the Midwest, which has an average adult obesity rate of 29.0 percent. The West has the lowest average adult obesity rate by region, at 24.3 percent, according to the CDC's numbers.

* According to a USA Today report, the adult obesity statistics that the CDC gathered are probably actually too low, given that people were allowed to self-report their height and weight for the survey.

Vanessa Evans is a musician and freelance writer based in Michigan, with a lifelong interest in health and nutrition issues.

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