Christian Group Demonstrates Outside Missouri Islamic School

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KSDK reports Reclaiming Missouri for Christ held a nonviolent protest Friday outside an Islamic school and mosque in Ballwin, Mo. The group spent time outside the Al-Salam Day School to pass out Christian literature. Many of the pamphlets were written in Arabic. For fear of confrontations, the principal of the grade school canceled classes for the day.

What Happened

The group gathered outside the school March 8 and leaders decided to make attendance optional the next day, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Mark Kiser, president of the Christian group, objected to the term "protest" when school spokeswoman Donna Bari hoped the gathering would be "peaceful, whatever they are protesting."

Imam Asif Umar of the Daar-ul-Islam mosque told the newspaper that Reclaiming Missouri for Christ had a right to peaceably assemble. After a few hours of passing out pamphlets, DVDs and literature, there were no incidents of violence.

Al-Salam Day School

Al-Salam Day School serves nearly 300 children. For the 2010-11 academic year, the institution reported there were 250 children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school has been around 20 years and serves the St. Louis area's Muslim community.

The school has six reviews on ranging from March 2005 to August 2009. Comments range from "teachers were great" and "culturally diverse" to "hardworking" and "dedicated." The community rating was five stars out of five.

Reclaiming Missouri for Christ

The group known as Reclaiming Missouri for Christ seeks people who want to be "more vocal Christians" who want to "reclaim the communities" of Missouri. The Black Robe Regiment is a portion of the group that leads the statewide effort. Pastor Mark Kiser, based in Springfield, is the president.

The mission of Reclaiming Missouri for Christ is five-fold. Step one is to pray, then evangelize, educate, be active and finally form partnerships. The ultimate goal is to convert Americans to become Christians. As part of the larger movement known as Reclaiming America for Christ, members believe the founding of America was based upon Christian values. Members are sworn to uphold the principles of Christ while doing everything possible to educate the rest of the world about Christianity.

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