Christmas 2011: Best Golf Gifts

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Christmas 2011 is almost here, and there are many new and modern gifts available for the golfer on your Christmas list. Finding unique and interesting gifts for golfers has never been easier or more affordable. All golfers enjoy accessories that help them improve their game or items that help to make them more comfortable when playing. Many people also enjoy receiving golf collectibles that show off their love for the game.

Here are some ideas for the golfer on your list:

Personalized Golf Towel

Look around the golf course and you'll notice all golfers use towels to wipe off their hands and to clean off the golf balls. That's why the Personalized Golf Towel with three-letter embroidered monogram makes a wonderful Christmas gift. You have three choices in color--black, navy and red--and these towels are very absorbent, designed with a hanging hook, and the average price is $18.74.

Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

Golf balls tend to wobble and roll off course, but when the ball is balanced, it's more accurate. This is why golfers look for the ball's equator when putting. Finding your ball's equator has never been easier now that the Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder for only $18.98 is available. Simply put your ball in the Sweet Spot Finder, give it a spin, mark your ball's equator and you're ready to putt.

16 Oz. Frosted Sports Mug

Most golfers enjoy sitting down to a nice cold beverage after being on the golf course, making the 16 Oz. Frosted Sports Mug for $22.99 a wonderful gift. With four different styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits his or her taste perfectly. Make the gift even more personal by adding his or her first and last name along with the date. These mugs also make an excellent gift for the golfer who enjoys collecting unique and personal collectibles.

G-Stats Golf Statistics Tracker

The G-Stats Golf Statistics Tracker for $10.35 is an amazing little gadget that can help the golfer on your Christmas list improve his or her game by recording his or her statistics to view and analyze later. It makes tracking Fairways hits, number of putts and other important stats easy with its well-organized tracking system. It's a gift that will be used over and over again.

Stealth Neoprene Headcovers

Give the golfer on your Christmas list a gift that will help them protect his or her investment in golf clubs with the Stealth Neoprene Headcovers for only $31.45 for a pack of three. They're guaranteed to fit any set of clubs and slide on with ease. You can also choose between a variety of different colors.

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