Christmas Airfare Deals Likely to Be Few and Far Between

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Travelers looking to save a bit of cash on plane tickets during the Christmas season are likely out of luck. According to USA Today, travelers looking to book tickets close to the holiday can expect to pay as much as 27 percent more than last year. However, according to the Orlando Business Journal, average rates are expected to be around 8 percent higher than airline passengers paid in 2011. Getting home for the holiday could be an expensive proposition, and passengers should be prepared for packed planes, long security lines, and crowded airport terminals.

Why are airlines able to raise ticket prices around the holiday?

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, airline mergers have impacted the number of flights from cities across America, but airlines have also trimmed the number of routes flown in a given day to offset the rising cost of fuel. With less supply being available, which is the total number of seats on aircrafts, airlines are able to raise fares when demand reaches peak levels. Since the holidays, particularly Christmas and Thanksgiving, tend to send folks packing, passengers can expect higher prices for getting to their destinations around those time periods.

Is there anything that can be done to avoid paying a high airfare around the holiday?

There are a few tricks to flying around the holidays to save money on airfare. According to Scripps Media, anyone thinking of traveling on Dec. 22, 23, and 26 should be prepared for some of the highest prices of the year because of demand, which means travelers should check as many dates as possible before making concrete plans. Of course, flying on the actual holiday can result in substantial cost savings as well. In addition, using flight comparison websites or online travel agencies, such as Orbitz and Travelocity, allow users to compare multiple airlines at the same time, which can help save time and money.

Should you book early for the best flight around the holiday?

Booking time periods can greatly impact the purchase price of an airfare, which means that sooner is usually cheaper when it comes to traveling. According to the Deseret News, passengers looking to save the most should book two to 12 weeks prior to traveling to get the best possible price. Also, passengers will want to double-check baggage fees and boarding fees for their particular airline before heading out to the airport, because those costs can add up quickly.

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