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It just wouldn't be Christmas without a gadget, would it? Not only is it something to fiddle with on Boxing Day, but it's the perfect inspiration to kickstart your new you campaign for the year ahead. We could definitely find room for one of these in our life... 

FinePix XP170 camera: Freeze-proof, shock-proof and waterproof, the super-resistant XP170 is perfect for adventure holidays from Mount Everest to The Great Barrier Reef. Wireless Image Transfer means you can also upload bragging photos instantly. RRP £219 from Amazon

Tanita BC-545N body composition scale: We're big fans of body composition scales here at Zest, as they're a great way to keep an eye on more than just your weight. This uber-high-tech version is costly at £199.99, but enables you to track closely how your body is responding to diet and exercise, accurately calculating body fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, metabolic rate, visceral fat and bone mass.

Muji aroma diffuser: A frosted glass plug-in diffuser that converts scent into vapour to perfume and humidify your room. The plain tube version costs £45, or upgrade to the new aroma diffuser that also serves as a lamp with low-key ambient glow.

Philips Shoqbox wireless speaker: Perfect for action girls, this shock-proof wireless portable speaker is just the job for pumping your playlist in the wilderness - hiking, climbing and camping. In aluminium and army green, it's drop-proof and will even survive being dunked in the water. Use the carabiner to clip it to your belt or backpack and go! RRP £149

Scosche Rhythm Pulse Monitor: If you're a runner, this pulse monitor is great motivation. No chest straps required: simply wear the device on your wrist for instant info on pulse rate, distance, pace, calories burned and more. Download the free app to track your progress, routes covered and link up with your favourite playlists. RRP £99.95 from the Apple store

Denon's Exercise Freak wireless headphones: Love your gym playlists but hate feeling restricted while you work out? Check out these Bluetooth-enabled wireless fitness headphones. With a clever earpiece design and flexible back band, they offer complete stability and comfort. The rechargeable battery will also keep you pumped for up to seven hours. Available from Amazon and Selfridges, priced £149.99.

Looking for a training computer? We recommend...

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Alternate squat thrusts

Fitness kit

Time to update your at-home armoury of stay-fit equipment. Must-haves galore in this little lot...

USA Pro home fitness equipment: The full set of skipping rope, exercise ball, handweights, resistance tubes and resistance band come in at less than £20. Perfect for your new year at-home workouts.

Winter sports socks: If cold feet plague you through winter training, it's time to take action on chilly toes. Incredisocks are built to boost circulation, wick away moisture, limit foot fatigue and reduce odour. Just right for long winter runs. RRP £12.95

Shake Weight Pro: Experts say this handweight is up to seven times more effective than a normal dumbbell, incorporating motion technology that increases muscle activity with three adjustable settings to control the intensity of your workout. Repetition counter and timer is incorporated in the Shake Weight too - so no boring counting required. RRP £29.99 from Argos or

Scholl Rolling Shiatsu Massager: Rolling massage nodes generate the powerful feeling of a shiatsu massage to ease muscle strain, help reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin tone and improve circulation. RRP £29.99 from Argos, Boots and Amazon

P90X Extreme Home Fitness DVD workout program: It's intense, but if you're determined to shape up, and like the US style of 'serious training', this Tony Horton system does work. Twelve DVD workouts, fitness and nutrition support online, meal plans to help you get lean and increase your metabolism. It could be the Christmas gift that changes your life... RRP £105.95 from  (or try the 10-minute trainer program for £66.80, incl DVDs, meal plan and resistamce bands).

Zumba Fitness Core for Nintendo Wii and Xbox360: Party your abs off with this hi-energy workout offering 33 dance styles, 40 songs plus a beginner's guide to the moves. Perfect for your New Year shape-up. From £24.99 at

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If you're the girl who's got it all, maybe it's time to ask for a gift voucher that pays for a day to remember. Take your pick...

Wintersports: Try your hand at skiing, snowboarding or luge without committing to an expensive alpine holiday with a gift voucher for Chill Factore, Manchester's indoor ski centre.

White water rafting: Follow in the footsteps of Team GB's medal-winning canoeists with an exhilarating rafting session at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. Starting with a calm but fast-paced descent, tougher challenges come with each run of the course, culminating in surfing, high siding, spinning and nose dunking. Grab a gift voucher at

Woodlands: If you've got a house full of clutter and can't bear the thought of receiving more 'stuff', why not ask for a tree or area of woodland to be dedicated in your name? Woodland Trust gifts start at £15 for a single tree, right up to an acre grove plus personalised bench. Find out more at the www.woodlandtrustshop

Surfing: Make 2013 the year you catch a wave. A 'wicked water break' at Cornwall's luxurious St Moritz hotel costs £150 for a two-hour one-on-one surf lesson, plus B&B, dinner and a cocktail. Make sure you schedule in some time too at the hotel's Cowshed Spa to pamper those surf-stretched muscles.

Get arty: Fancy learning to paint, sculpt, screenprint or more? Sign up for a beginner's one-day workshop at Art is On in North Yorkshire, from £65.

Adventure racing: Fancy getting down and dirty but not sure whether you're up to it? Try an Introduction to Adventure Racing weekend from the Tri-Adventure Academy. Day one gives you the full run-down on equipment, training, tactics and nutrition so you are all ready to run a supported race on day two. Costs £100 until end 2012; normal price £150.

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L'Occitane cherry blossom scented candle

Scented candles

What's not to like in a scented candle - but how many of us wait to be bought one rather than splashing out ourselves? Christmas is the perfect time to put a candle with added benefits on your list. Here are some we love...

NEOM Organics Harmonise Home Candle: Relax and energise to the scent of green hibiscus notes combined with woody undertones for a reviving fragrance to treat tiredness and encourage focus. It's a powerful holistic treatment that contains only vegetable oil so no nasty soot or toxins - burn for a couple of hours to get the full effect. RRP £39.50 from NEOM Organics

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Candle: We love the delicious fruity floral scent of this candle, with the sweet fragrance of cherry blossom to instantly lift your spirits. RRP £25 from

Aromatherapy Associates Indulgence Candle: Think jasmine and geranium to level your emotions and boost your creativity. Aromatherapy Associates use only the purest ingredients in their products, which can be relied upon to boost your health and happiness. RRP £27

Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Room Candle: A green and fresh blend with essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary, designed to refresh and cleanse, awaken the senses, and sharpen the mind. Cowshed candles use 100% natural wax free from chemicals, palm, paraffin and petroleum with a natural wick. RRP £30 exclusively from from John Lewis (For every candle sold, Cowshed will donate £1.50 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.)

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Go running

Look good while you work out

Yes, yes, yes! New kit? What's not to like...

Do Running performance kit: Sick of looking like a lollypop lady in your high-vis winter kit? Check out the stylish selection of wind and waterproof jackets, lightweight short and super-stretch sports bras from Do Performance - all come in vivid pink, lime and orange. Complete the look with a pair of their sleek stretch tights, which provide ultimate winter running comfort and warmth. All available from

Nike LunarGlide +4 Shield trainers: These super-sleek runners feature weather-resistant reflective messing for both protection from the elements and enhanced visibility. They’ve also been ergonomically designed to cradle the foot softly but supportively, providing extreme comfort. What’s more, they look ultra-luxe, so perfect as a gift. RRP £100 from Nike stores or online

Adidas Kanadia 4 trail runner shoes: During the dark winter months, many runners choose to avoid the hazardous traffic by off-roading. That said, don’t go out until you’re properly kitted out. We love these fierce-looking trail running shoes from adidas, and with a moulded insole, they offer extreme comfort alongside over-ground stability. Get yours from adidas stockists or online, priced £55.

RunBreeze touch gloves: These techy mitts are your ultimate winter running must-have. The touch-sensitive fingertip pads allow you to use your touch-screen phone or iPod as you run - letting you skip tracks on your running playlist, monitor progress on your fitness app and even (if it’s really necessary) check your emails. Available from, priced £13.

Helly Hansen W Pace tights: Ditch those cotton capri pants, winter workouts call for high-performance gear that will keep you warm yet ventilated and allow you to stay agile. These sleek stretch tights do just that, plus the reflective hip and thigh strips increase your visibility during night runs. There’s also a zipped pocket with just enough room for your keys and a gel. Available from, priced £50.

Barefoot running shoes: If you're looking for a new running challenge in 2013, Christmas is the ideal time to ask for a pair of barefoot runners. Vibram are the market leaders and offer a full range, but make sure you take it slow; you're advised to acclimatise yourself gradually to avoid injury or discomfort.

More winter running gear

All-weather cycling kit

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Woman face

Beauty treats

Let's face it, there's room for a beauty treat in every stocking. Here are some that we would love to receive...

BaByliss Big Hair: We LOVE this round brush-come-hairdryer, a favourite of Charles Worthington stylists. It's a great way to master the pro-blowdry at home - one-handed! A round bristle brush with hairdryer built in, you simply push a button and it rotates while blowing out hot air. RRP £45.

Minerals: If you haven't gone down the minerals route yet, maybe it's time to give it a try. Healing, so good for problem skin, and allows your skin to breathe. Try the Mii Minerals Beautiful Basics kit containing full size face base, blush, two eye colours, eye brush and blusher brush. RRP £55 from

Jessica Gold Leaf Top Coat: Luxe-up any mani with a slick of Jessica's 18k golden top coat (RRP £24.95). With real gold leaf flakes in a fast drying, super glossy top coat, this is one luxurious gem we'd certainly love to find in our stocking on Christmas Day.

Universal Contour Wrap Self Slim Kit: If you want to tone and tighten in privacy, this new at-home version of the salon favourite is just the job. The kit includes three treatments (depending on size and area you are targeting eg arms, stomach, thighs or buttocks), bandages, scrunchie and a tape measure to track your progress. RRP £34.99 from salons and spas or at

Lush Christmas packages: If you're a fan of the Lush beauty range - highly scented, 100% natural and eco-friendly - there's a whole range of beautifully pre-packaged seasonal goodies that should suit your style. Try 'From the North Pole' £26.50, the 'Christmas Candy Box' £19.95, or the spectacular bathfest 'All I Want for Christmas' £69.95.

Beauty treats to tone your legs

Zest's best beauty products

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Zest May cover

The gift that keeps on giving...

And finally, the Christmas present that should be on every girl's gift list... a subscription to your favourite healthy living monthly: Zest magazine

Or maybe it's time to ask for the Zest magazine app on your iPad and iPhone: shiny, glossy Zest, whenever and wherever you need it.. Thanks Santa!

Make sure you get the Christmas gift to inspire you through 2013 - don't forget to email a link to this article to your partner, mum, sister or best friend.

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