Clean Diesel Projects Get $30 Million from EPA

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The EPA announced on Thursday that it is awarding $30 million for clean diesel projects through its Diesel Emission Reduction Program. The program is designed to replace, retrofit or repower older diesel-powered engines such as those found on marine vessels, locomotives, trucks and buses. Here are the details.

* According to the EPA, $20 million of the funds for this year's grants were provided under the National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program. Additional funds were made available through the State Clean Diesel Grant program.

* The program, known as DERA, provides grants that will work to address more than 11 million older diesel engines that continue to emit higher levels of pollution, the EPA stated.

* DERA was first enacted in 2005 and first funded in 2008. Since then, the EPA has awarded 500 grants nationwide through the program.

* For this year's competition, selections were made based on the proposal's potential for maximizing health and environmental benefits in areas that have significant air quality issues, according to the EPA. Increased funding allowed the EPA to target larger engines used in marine vessels and locomotives.

* The highest funded project was South Carolina Department of Health and Environment's project which received $2.07 million from DERA. The funds will be used to repower 24 marine engines and five mining trucks, replace 15 yard tractors and three bulldozers, install 30 spaces for truck stop electrification and provide cost supplements for 100,000 gallons, the EPA reported.

* The Southeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission has been awarded $1.45 million to replace two engines on two Mississippi River pushboats with new Tier 3 rated engines.

* The Maine Department of Environmental Protection received $1.39 million to replace four school buses with compressed natural gas buses; and to repower two vessels with two marine propulsion and four auxiliary engines to Tier 3.

* The Alabama State Port Authority will receive $1.35 million through DERA to repower two locomotives.

* A number of other projects representing the 10 regions of the EPA will also receive funding to replace or repower diesel vehicles. No funds were awarded under this program to fund the cost of emissions reductions that are mandated under federal law or to provide equipment used for testing emissions or for fueling infrastructure, the EPA stated.

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