Cleveland Indians Closer Chris Perez Irks Kansas City Royals: A Fan's Reaction

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If Major League Baseball ever decides to branch into reality television starring ball players, Cleveland Indians closer "Pure Rage" Chris Perez seems an ideal choice to base a show around. Throughout the 2012 season's first two months Perez remains a catalyst for news stories.

The latest comes after "Pure Rage" paid homage to WWE superstar John Cena on Monday, May 28, performing Cena's "You can't see me" taunt on the pitcher's mound.

A strikeout set the stage. On three pitches, Perez struck out Kansas City Royals center fielder Jarrod Dyson. The closer celebrated the K by waving his hand in front of his own face, a gesture WWE's John Cena made popular.

Initially, Dyson didn't notice the taunt. However, the Royals' center fielder revealed to the media on Tuesday, May 29, "As soon as I got done with my at-bat, I went down to see where the pitch was, because I felt like the pitch was in. I saw him do that (gesture) and that [ticked] me off even more."

Chris Perez claims his John Cena-like behavior served as a response to a comment Dyson told Cleveland Indians bullpen arm Tony Sipp. Allegedly, while Dyson and Sipp enjoyed a friendly dinner together May 27, the center fielder said something to Sipp along the lines, "The Royals are coming for Perez."

Apparently, Kansas City disliked the fact that back on May 20 Chris Perez, when addressing Clevelanders about their negativity, used the Royals as an example of a losing team. Perez's exact words: "We're in first place. Enjoy it. We could be the Royals or the Pirates and haven't won anything in 20 years."

Honestly, I find the entire situation between the Cleveland Indians' Chris Perez and the Kansas City Royals a little childish. First off, in reference to the Royals, Perez's remarks back on May 20 represent facts, not trash talk. In fairness, Dyson kind of admitted so, saying, "If you don't win, you can't really say much."

To "Pure Rage," let me steal a line from WWE superstar and fellow Clevelander The Miz:"Really?" Tony Sipp's insight regarding his dinner with Dyson qualifies as "he said, he said" material. I'm all for competitiveness, but try not getting carried away.

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