Climate Change

  • Obama climate plan's broad scope to face skeptical Supreme Court

    By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court's unexpected move to block President Barack Obama's policy to cut pollution from coal plants highlights what both sides in the legal fight agree is a key weakness in the rules -- a provision that expands the scope of regulation far…

  • UN Must Help Impoverished Farmers Adapt To Climate Change: Experts

    LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A new push to give farmers in developing countries better access to markets, led by the United Nations' food aid agency, could fall short of its goals if it does not prioritize helping poor farmers adapt to climate change, experts have warned.Aimed at boosting…

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  • Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Vulnerable to Greenhouse Effect

    A powerful greenhouse effect can destroy a planet's chances of hosting life, a new study suggests. Until proven otherwise, scientists on Earth assume water is necessary for life to arise on other planets. Inside such a habitable zone, Earth-like planets are neither too hot nor too cold for liquid…
  • GOP Presidential Candidates Are Far Behind GOP Voters on Climate Change

    Huffington Post and the blogs are far ahead of the mainstream media on noting how the GOP candidates for president lag public concern on climate change. See, Marco Rubio's pathetic comments to Miami resident Maribel Balbin who traveled to New Hampshire to deliver a climate change message.Floridian…

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  • Clean Power Plan: Obama vows to push forward despite court delay

    The Obama administration is promising to press ahead with efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions after a divided Supreme Court set aside his signature method to address climate change until after legal challenges are resolved. The Clean Power Plan is meant to curb carbon dioxide emissions…

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  • U.S. can meet Paris climate deal goals despite court ruling: White House

    The White House said on Wednesday that it was confident it could meet its obligations under the Paris climate change agreement, despite a court ruling temporarily blocking the administration's limits on power plants' carbon emissions. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a serious blow to the Obama…

  • How Climate Change May Delay Flights And Make Them Longer

    Flying from London to New York City takes about seven and a half hours -- for now. As climate change causes the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase, the time it takes to make that flight could go up as well, according to a new study.  If the amount of CO2 doubles, the likelihood…

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  • The Supreme Court just put a crucial part of Obama’s climate plan on hold

    The Supreme Court just put a kink in President Obama's climate change plans. The hold will last until legal challenges to the rule are resolved. A little background here: The Obama administration finalized its Clean Power Plan last summer.
  • America's School Teachers Are Confused About Climate Change

    Any concerted effort to fight climate change requires a strong public consensus that people are the primary cause of the problem, but many Americans aren’t so sure that’s the case. In one recent poll of 20 countries, the U.S. was the least likely to agree that modern climate change is “largely the…

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  • Climate change 'forcing species to move'

    Warming temperatures are causing about half of the world's plants and animals to move location, an international conference in Australia heard Wednesday, with every major type of species affected. Camille Parmesan, an expert from Britain's Plymouth University on how climate change impacts wildlife,…

  • Australian cuts to climate change research may hit drive into Asia

    By Jarni Blakkarly SYDNEY (Reuters) - Funding and job cuts at Australia's climate change research body could undermine the country's goal of dominating the Asian premium food market by placing farmers at a disadvantage to U.S. and European competitors. Australia's extreme weather means farmers rely…

  • Despite carbon ruling, White House says U.S. can meet climate deal goals

    By Ayesha Rascoe WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House promised on Wednesday that it would be able to uphold U.S. commitments to an international climate change agreement, as a court ruling heightened concerns about the stability of the global carbon reduction pact reached last year. After jumping…

  • Flights Across The Atlantic May Take Longer, Cost More Thanks To Climate Change

    SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — It may soon take you longer and cost you more to fly across the Atlantic, thanks to climate change. “We’ve known for a long time that aviation makes a significant contribution to climate change, but what we’ve only recently recognized, and it’s only really been in the last…

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  • U.S. can still hit climate goals despite Supreme Court pause, White House says

    By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House vowed Wednesday that the United States would still meet international commitments to cut carbon emissions, seeking to allay concerns that the Supreme Court might take away one of its main weapons against climate change. The court dealt a…

  • Supreme Court deals blow to Obama climate plan

    The US Supreme Court has put on hold a sweeping plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fueled power plants, dealing a significant blow to President Barack Obama's efforts to rein in climate change. A coalition of 27 US states -- most of them run by Obama's Republican adversaries -- is…

  • Delay of clean power plan stokes worries about Paris treaty

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration asserted Wednesday that a Supreme Court order delaying enforcement of its new clean-power rules will ultimately have little impact on meeting the nation's obligations under the recent Paris climate agreement.

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