Clint Fernandes


It gets really humid this time of the year. So I prefer to tie up my shoulder-length hair. Can you suggest easy-to-do hairdos?

Heat and humidity can make your hair dull and difficult to manage. A good way to control the frizz is to use a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. Apply two to three pumps of serum before you use heating equipment on your hair. Try these hairstyles on wellconditioned hair.

HIGH PONYTAIL: Relatively easy to do, this works well when you want to keep it casual. Begin with a light blow dry followed by using a straightener on your strands (if your hair is frizzy, use an anti-frizz serum). Backcomb the front part for volume. Bunch and fasten your hair leaving some strands loose. Conceal the band by wrapping the open strands around it. BIG, WAVY CURLS: This is a more popular look for evenings. Blow-dry your hair and divide into two sections. Backcomb each section and use a hot curler on the ends of your strands. Let it cool down and use your fingers to open these curls. Use a brush only to achieve a parting or to smoothen out any separations. A variation of this style is to make two sections- one at the crown and the other at the back. Take the front section, twist it and pin it down towards the back of the head. Almost like a pinned down ponytail, take the second half, twist it and pin it down, towards the nape of your neck. Arrange the curls to make a cascading curled hairdo. Spritz on a hairspray to tame any flyaway strands. WAVY SIDE-PARTED HAIRDO: A classic look, it works on casuals and formal occasions. Start by making a side parting and then divide your mane in two sections. Opt for a serum/leave-in hair lotion to avoid frizz and add shine. Use a curling iron on the midsection of your strands, leaving the ends out. If your mane curls easily, you can also use rollers. To avoid a mess, you can clip the curls as you go on and then let them be. Spritz on some holding spray to make the style last longer.

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