Colorado Republican Senators Disturbed Over Gun Control Bills

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With the several gun control bills passing Senate committee votes in Colorado this week, the Republican minority expressed its concerns over the the bills, which included a ban on concealed carry on college campuses, a ban on large capacity ammunition magazines, and a bill that would require background checks on all gun transfers.

* The Colorado Senate Republicans reported that the bill against concealed carry on college campuses would prohibit self defense on campus.

* "This vote is extremely disturbing," stated Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman, R-Colorado Springs. He went on to state that the women who came to the Senate debate to share stories of rape and assault "have just been victimized again by their own government."

* Sen. Ted Harvey, R-Highlands Ranch, added that denying law-abiding citizens the right to carry a weapon on campus "is mind-boggling."

* House Bill 1226 , which was approved by the full House of Representatives last month, prohibits concealed carry permit holders from carrying a handgun in any building that is used by a public institution of higher education as well as college stadiums or arenas, unless that permit holder is employed as a security officer by the institution and is on duty.

* Of House Bill 1224 , which bans the sale, transfer or possession of an ammunition feeding device that can accept more than five shotgun shells or 10 rounds of ammunition, the Senate Minority stated that the Judiciary Committee pushed Mapul -- one of the largest gun manufacturer in the state -- one step closer to shutting its doors.

* Sen. Steve King, R-Grand Junction said, "Whatever happened to the mantra of jobs, jobs, jobs? I am shocked by my Democrat colleagues' disregard for Magpul's creation of over 600 Colorado jobs, their contribution to their community and how they've helped create a better future for so many Colorado families. Let's keep manufacturing in Colorado, not outsource it."

* Republicans dismissed House Bill 1229 -- which requires background checks for gun transfers -- as "Dem overreach."

* "If I leave my home, why can I gift the gun to my wife under this bill and she can gift it back to me when I return," asked Harvey, "but I cannot loan my gun to my wife for over 72 hours?" Harvey added that the bill is full of unintended consequences and will do nothing to improve public safety.

* House Bill 1229 was debated for more than three hours on Monday by the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. It will now be heard in the Appropriations Committee.

* According to the Denver Post , hundreds of people showed up for the debate, including those who drove around the Capitol, honking in a show of opposition to the bills. A biplane flew overhead, carrying a message for Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper: "Hick, don't take our guns."

* In all, seven gun control bills were heard in Senate committees on Monday, with hours of debate, the Denver Post reported.

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