Comcast and Time Warner Are the Most Hated Companies in America

Comcast and Time Warner Are the Most Hated Companies in America

The American Customer Satisfaction Index, put out quarterly by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, is "considered the most comprehensive customer satisfaction survey in the United States." This quarter the closely watched and widely cited survey has determined that Time Warner and Comcast are the most terrible of all.

Time Warner was at the bottom of the barrel with a score of 56/100. This is actually the lowest score of all time. Congrats on being the best of the worst, Time Warner. Comcast received a 57/100. Verizon received a 71, and AT&T a 65.

The ACSI also broke down exactly Time Warner and Comcast are doing wrong:

High prices, poor reliability, and declining customer service are to blame for low customer satisfaction with pay TV services. The cost of subscription TV has been rising 6% per year on average—four times the rate of inflation. But now, dissatisfied pay TV customers have more alternatives than ever before. The rise of streaming video from companies like Netflix and Amazon, combined with pay TV’s deteriorating service quality and higher prices, has led to the first-ever net loss of television service subscribers for a full year in 2013.

The survey also says that every TV company saw a drop of 3-to-7 percent in satisfaction, and that cable companies do worse than fiber optic and satellite providers.

The cherry on top? The two most hated businesses are trying to merge right now. 

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