Commentary: Bachmann, Though Polarizing, Will Be Missed

Popularity Isn't Always the Most Important Aspect in Life

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Rep. Michele Bachmann, the U.S. representative of Minnesota's 6th congressional district and erstwhile presidential candidate, said this morning she will not seek re-election. Yahoo reached out to her constituents for their reactions. Here's one.

COMMENTARY | As a 28-year-old working mother in Montrose in the 6th congressional district in Minnesota, I found Michele Bachmann's decision not to run for re-election a bit surprising.

Although Rep. Bachmann has a very polarizing personality (and some of the things that have happened during her tenure as my representative have made me cringe), I voted for her because I agree with her viewpoints on abortion, immigration and Obamacare. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it goes against the majority, including the GOP.

While I will not miss the constant stream of headlines of some new supposed controversy she is involved in, I hope we elect another representative like Bachmann who is willing to fight and raise these difficult issues like she did.

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