Commentary: Inspirational SOTU Message Should Rally Stronger Bipartisanship

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Yahoo News invited voters to respond Tuesday night to President Barack Obama's 2014 State of the Union address. Here is one reaction.

COMMENTARY | The speech seemed like an exact replica of last year's State of the Union address, with forward-thinking technology, American's newfound energy independence and jobs headlining the first half hour. I believe bringing in a single unemployed mother assisted President Obama's push for employment reform, and I found his lighthearted "warnings" that he'd dance around Congress to get initiatives pushed across was particularly pleasant.

As a resident of Kokomo, Ind., an automotive-driven city Obama visited several years back, I appreciated mentioning Andra Rush, an automotive executive who launched job-training initiatives to help workers move up the career ladder more quickly. Indiana, too, needs an overhaul to unemployment insurance, wage laws and job training to avoid a continually high recidivism rate, and I believe we're poised to round that corner by 2015.

Although 2014 is still in infancy, I believe President Obama put his best foot forward in rallying bipartisan camaraderie. His jobs initiatives, including his push to modify the taxation of businesses that send jobs overseas, should be particularly invigorating for an economy that is still attempting to recover from upheaval.

But let's hope this State of the Union address was more than just an exit speech delivered earlier than intended. Americans like me are tired of political brouhaha and the proverbial "hot air" speech every three months or so; we simply want a results-driven government that steers the country away from overwhelming amounts of social stratification.

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