Commentary: Obama's Most Forward-Thinking State of the Union Yet

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President Barack Obama touched on a variety of issues-- energy, jobs, technology, climate change and the middle class-- in his State of the Union address on Tuesday. Yahoo News asked voters to respond to his speech. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | President Obama's fifth State of the Union address was his most ambitiously forward-thinking yet. Here in San Diego, the mention of a need to ensure our veterans get access to world-class medical treatment -- including mental health treatment -- will be very important news. Thanks to the Marine and Navy facilities in our county, veterans' affairs hit very close to home. Also of interest in my local region: the proposal by the president to raise minimum wage to $9, which is a full dollar more than the state's minimum wage is now. In a county where the cost of living often outstrips the median income like ours, every dollar truly counts.

The most rousing and potentially historically significant moment came during the president's remarks on gun control. After speaking about the recent spree shootings and gun violence in general, Obama recounted personal stories of victims of recent gun violence, telling Congress those victims deserved a vote on new proposed gun regulations.

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