Commentary: Ryan Supplies Much-Need Conservative Blood, but Medicare Ideas Are Risky

One GOP Voter's Reaction to Mitt Romney Choosing Paul Ryan

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Yahoo! News asked Republican voters on Saturday to react to Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate. Here's one voter's perspective.

COMMENTARY | Standing in front of the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va., Mitt Romney announced his VP choice -- Paul Ryan.

I think the Republicans need Paul Ryan to infuse the campaign with a conservative blood because Romney has fallen short of the conservative expectations of the far-right members of the Republican Party. You can see this in the "Meet Paul" section of Romney's website as it focuses on Ryan's personal background calling attention to his religion and painting him as a family man.

Ryan is young, handsome and his family looks like it was ripped straight out of a photo frame on a store shelf. The Republican ticket needed that youthful conservative voice, a "let's cut the budget deficit" mentality and government reform ideas to make America better. Paul Ryan seems to be this person.

However, even as a conservative voter, it bothers me that Ryan is willing to cut benefits for seniors while giving wealthy individuals and businesses bigger tax breaks and doing away with tax breaks for the middle class. We already try to sweep our elderly and poor under a rug in this country -- are youth, beauty and wealth are more important than experience and hard work?

By selecting Ryan as his VP choice, Romney is telling voters he is putting his rubber stamp of approval on Ryan's national budget. This budget revolves around severe government cuts (a tea party mantra) and includes severe cuts to Medicare. According to Ryan, it would be better to have a voucher system to allow seniors to buy health insurance for themselves rather than have the government pay for much needed healthcare for seniors.

My parents worked hard to pay their bills, raise a family and have the "American Dream" but failing health has taken that dream and strangled it with high health care costs. Because of heart surgery, my mother cannot obtain private insurance unless she is willing to pay thousands of dollars -- is her Ryan "voucher" going to cover that cost?

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