Most commonly forgotten wedding details

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Most commonly forgotten wedding details

Most commonly forgotten wedding details

Choose someone to take home the gifts

Among other items! Plan ahead and arrange for one or two bridesmaids or groomsmen to be responsible for making sure the gifts, disposable cameras, keepsakes such as the cake topper, and the centrepieces get taken home and not left at the reception. This means less panic at the end of the night when the music turns off and the lights come on.

Arranging a time to prepare the venue

Details such as the place settings, favours, table decorations and chair sashes need to be assembled before the day of the wedding. Be sure to arrange with the reception venue a time which is suitable for you to come with your fiancé or bridesmaids to spruce up the venue. Some venues offer to do this for you, but do not assume this or you could end up with a pretty bare room.

The smaller details

If you plan your big day in plenty of time then you will have time and headspace for the finer details. You could make time to think about buying girly cosmetic products such as fragrant hand cream, body spray or hairspray to leave in the ladies’ bathroom at your wedding reception, or even making a fun slideshow of photographs from each of your childhoods, teenage years and early memories as a couple. It’s a nice idea to buy a pretty clothes hanger for your wedding dress for when the photographer takes a snap of it. Things like these can be frustrating when the idea comes to your after the big day.

Gifts for the wedding party

Doh! Don’t be left feeling embarrassed on your big day when it hits you that you neglected to buy anyone a gift. While it’s not essential to do this, it is a nice touch and is a good way of showing your gratitude to those who have helped you. If you remember at the last minute, it’s better to buy these presents after the big day instead of rushing and buying something for the sake of it.

Having a place for gifts

One of the best moments of your wedding day is when you are greeted by all of your guests at once – all those well wishes and happy faces who are pleased to see you on your special day. But with this moment often comes a bounty of wedding gifts. But where do they all go? To avoid disappearing under a pile of gift bags or losing anything, set aside a table for these gifts and perhaps a pretty cardboard post box for the envelopes.

Emergency kit

Hopefully you won’t need to use an emergency kit on your wedding day, but how annoying would it be if your hem dropped or your hair came out of place and you had nothing to rectify it? To be on the safe side, pack a small back containing a simple first aid kit with the addition of headache tablets and antihistamines; your make-up kit, brush and miniature hairspray and deodorant; mini pair of scissors; key ring bottle opener; confetti; spare camera.

Confirm with your suppliers

Reputable wedding suppliers should give you a call about a week or two before your wedding to confirm the arrangements such as the fee, the date and time they’re needed and the details of the order, such as quantities. But don’t leave this to chance. Instead, be sure to get in touch with each supplier so that you’re not left in the lurch on the day of your wedding, when you find out your flowers won’t be ready for another day or that the entertainment are heading to the wrong venue.

A sense of calm!

So many brides and grooms can become overwhelmed with stress or worry on their wedding day, but one of the most important things you should not forget is to be calm, collected and to enjoy your oh-so-special day. It’s not uncommon for newlyweds to hardly eat their wedding breakfast due to nerves or because they feel they should be hosts. It’s common to forget what you’re wedding day is about – which is celebrating and having fun! So remember this point if nothing else.

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