Congolese army regains control of state TV, airport: government spokesman

Armed group attacks state television in Congo

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Congolese security officers position themselves as they secure the street near the state television headquarters (C) in the capital Kinshasa, December 30, 2013. Gunmen attacked the airport and seized control of the state television headquarters in the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday in what appeared to be an attempt to seize power by supporters of religious leader Paul Joseph Mukungubila. (REUTERS/Jean Robert N'Kengo)

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Congolese government troops have regained control of the state television headquarters, army headquarters and the international airport in the capital Kinshasa after an attack by some 70 gunmen, government spokesman Lambert Mende said.

"We have total control of the situation," he told Reuters, adding that 40 of the attackers had been killed by the security forces.

(Reporting by Bienvenu Bukumanya; Writing by Daniel Flynn; editing by Patrick Graham)

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