Could Anthony Weiner Be the Next NYC Mayor?

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Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, who infamously fled Congress after his sexting scandal, announced Wednesday he'll run for mayor of New York. Would voters elect him? Here's one resident's reaction.

COMMENTARY | As a 34-year-old Lower Manhattan resident, I was not at all surprised to find out that Anthony Weiner has decided to give a go for running for mayor. Christine Quinn has been tainted by her quasi-endorsement from Mike Bloomberg, whom New Yorkers have had enough of. Bill de Blasio could be the answer, but there are a few reasons why Weiner has a pretty good chance of winning:

He's smart: Before his Twitter scandal a couple years back, Weiner was on fire. He's a really smart guy, is wonkishly political and sits as the perfect follow up to our current Utopian-minded mayor.

He's average: We've all made mistakes. Not all of ours have been as public and as publicized as Weiner's. But the fact that he's a human being like everyone else is again refreshing in light of the "no-Big-Gulp-because-I-said-so" we've all been through the last 12 years.

He's in line: Weiner's views are well in line with a majority of New Yorkers. Once the silly stuff is out of the way Weiner can get to the task of reiterating his progressive ideas.

The private has become public and Weiner's going to have to pay a penance for that. But he very well could be the next mayor of New York City. I'll wait to cast a ballot until I hear the candidates out on the issues. Weiner's just got to keep his cell phone pictures to himself.

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