Could Sarah Palin Break Republican Deadlock?

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"All bets are off" as to who might lead the Republican ticket if a brokered convention becomes a reality, Sarah Palin told Eric Bolling, host of Follow the Money, on Wednesday. That's the closest Palin would come to stating her own intentions.

Here's what some of the analysts and pundits say about the prospects for Sarah Palin emerging from a brokered convention as the Republican nominee:

* "Notice that part of her message was that a brokered convention wouldn't be so bad and guess who could emerge out of a brokered convention, with all of this enthusiasm and energy and all the rest? My hunch is that has to be something she's thinking about. So it's in her personal interest to see this thing move along in a way that could potentially lead to not one of these current candidates emerging as a consensus candidate out of the Republican convention." -- Leonard Steinhorn, American University public communications professor

* "…[Jeb] Bush/Christie vs. Sarah Palin/Rick Perry positions coming head to head at the Republican Convention would pit the storied worlds of Dexter and Paulie Walnuts; the most notoriously corrupt, burned-out, busted-up, used-up, dangerous, underwater and broke Eastern states, against the new, independent, states-oriented, freedom-seeking constitutional conservatives like Palin of the Western states, Texas and Alaska." -- Bernie Quigley, the Hill's Pundits Blog

* "…this fantasized-about episode [a Jeb Bush- Sarah Palin ticket] will never happen. I have to believe that Jeb Bush, who is painted by most of his friends as not an idiot, knows full well that the country is not ready to give his family name another shot at things quite so soon. I have to believe Sarah Palin would be immensely flattered, and do as much as possible to push the rumors herself, but in the end I do not see her committing to the actual effort of any campaign, because that is not what she does." -- Hunter, Daily Kos

* "But what could Sarah Palin really do in a brokered convention, run herself? I doubt she would (she's not stupid and knows she'd get crushed in the general) but she could easily wrap up the Santorum and Gingrich delegates if that's what she decided to do, especially against a more 'establishment' candidate like Mitch Daniels or Jeb Bush." -- Brandon Kiser, The Right Sphere

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