Country Better Off if Boehner Can Swing GOP Votes His Way

What Should the Country Expect from the Speaker of the House?

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Yahoo News asked constituents in John Boehner's 8th district in Ohio to weigh in on the House Speaker's performance during the fiscal cliff negotiations. Here's one voter's perspective.

COMMENTARY | I live in Ohio's 8th district and have voted for John Boehner in past congressional elections. On Thursday, he was re-elected as speaker of the House of Representatives. Do you think that this will be good for the country? I do.

I've asked friends and family about their perceptions of Boehner as Speaker. Responses were widely mixed. Many agreed with the "failure scenario," in which Speaker Boehner failed to rally House Republicans to vote for the deal on the fiscal cliff. Others felt that he was doing the best he could given the climate in Washington.

I fall in the latter camp. Even though Sen. Harry Reid accused John Boehner of operating the house as a dictatorship, clearly Boehner can't force others' hands.

In his remarks delivered before taking the oath of office Thursday evening, Boehner advised House members that he felt they were charged to "refuse the pull of passing interests" and that they were "not sent here to be something but to do something." Their charge is to do the right thing.

He pointed out our debt and failure to produce more jobs were not separate problems, that debt is a drag on the economy and that it's a burden we should not pass onto our children. I strongly agree.

I expect Boehner will find a way to pull more House members to this way of thinking, to begin doing the right thing, not the party-line thing. We will all be better off if he can.

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