Couple Finds Engagement Ring in Toilet After 36 Years

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Most women's wedding fantasies don't involve two proposals, but for Donna Claver it worked out quite well.

The Montana woman lost her engagement ring in the early '70s. She was pregnant, and while applying lotion the gold and sapphire piece slipped from the top of the toilet and fell down the drain, according to

The ring had lodged itself in the drain of the toilet. Donna tried to fish it out, but it was stuck too tightly. She and her husband, Terry, tried everything to rescue the ring-including draining the toilet-but never succeeded. The two moved out eventually, though they didn't forget about the stubbornly stuck ring.

Fast forward 36 years: Terry saw several homeowners shuffle through the house, until the building eventually became a hut for hunters in the area. When he saw the hunters carrying out the toilet last month, he stopped them and asked if he could take the fixture to throw out himself.

The hunters naturally agreed, and Terry drove to a shop where he took a sledgehammer to the toilet. The ring remained exactly where it had been lost 36 years before.

Terry called his wife to meet him at the shop; when she arrived, he got down on one knee and proposed.

Romantic, yes -- though we do hope she got the jewel cleaned before wearing it.

That's not the first time an engagement ring has been found in an unexpected place.

In Albuquerque this month, a couple found a missing wedding band in their dog's stomach, according to the Associated Press.

The couple, Rachelle and Scott Atkinson searched for the ring all over their house until they began to believe that the dog had eaten it. They took their 10-month-old basset hound to the vet, who x-rayed the pooch and saw the ring stuck inside her stomach -- and it wouldn't come out on its own.

The vet removed the ring, and Rachelle and Scott now keep their jewels far away from the pup-basset hounds have a tendency to eat rocks, the vet told them.

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