Crumpled Paper Towel Note Saves Alleged Kidnap, Rape Victim

Two Men Confronted Alleged Attacker Before Police Arrived

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Quick thinking and two concerned men may have helped save a woman's life after she was allegedly kidnapped and raped repeatedly in an apartment in Springfield, Mo. A note scribbled onto a paper towel at a convenience store near a busy intersection led one woman to tell her husband and brother-in-law about a woman supposedly held against her will. The note was found crumpled on the counter of the store. A fight between the two men and the alleged attacker ensued at the apartment before police arrived, according to KYTV. The alleged kidnapper has yet to be charged.

* The note reads, "My name is Desirae and what I'm about to tell you is 100% true. Please HELP ME. The man I'm with has kidnapped, raped and is threatening to kill me. He lives at something wood south apartments."

* The note then explains how to find the apartment number on the back of the paper towel. "Right across sugar maple B14... please help, I have a baby."

* Justin Lawson told KYTV his wife Jessica found the note at a convenience store and called 911. Then she reported what she found to her husband. Justin Lawson told the media outlet, "It was time sensitive ... nothing against the police, I was just quicker than the police at the moment."

* The married couple lives in Wynnewood South apartments. Jessica Lawson realized after several moments the alleged kidnapping occurred in her complex, according to KSPR. When the police didn't show up after 35 minutes, Jessica Lawson called the police again before her husband and brother in-law confronted the man living in B14.

* Upon knocking at the door, a man stood in front of the lady. Justin Lawson then asked if the woman (Desirae) was there. The man said no and the woman standing behind him said yes and bolted for the door.

* A fight ensued. The woman retreated and fled to the Lawsons' apartment. Justin Lawson said the man "was really putting up a fight.... He was running, pushing me, kicking me," according to the television station.

* Jessica Lawson told KSPR the police remained at the apartment, which is just down the hall from her own, for about four hours. The wife believes the crumpled note remained on the counter of the convenience store for about an hour before she noticed it.

* The incident happened Saturday night and was reported by the media Tuesday. The man who allegedly kidnapped the woman has not been charged as the incident is still under investigation.

* The victim told investigators she has known the kidnapper for several years. The woman was taken to a hospital and given a rape kit. The alleged victim convinced her attacker to go to the convenience store for liquor when she wrote the note.

* The convenience store is located on Sunshine Street near U.S. Highway 65, one of the busiest intersections in Springfield. The apartment complex is less than a quarter mile from the convenience store.

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