CTA Announces Replacement of Rotting Brown Line Platforms

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According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Transit Authority has announced it will replace the platforms at three additional Brown Line "L" stations. The platforms are made of wooden planks, but due to the lack of weather-treatment and constant use, the platforms have deteriorated.

* Platform replacements are planned for later this year and next year at the Armitage, Kedzie and Sedswick stations. Exact dates have not been scheduled and temporary closings might be necessary.

* The wooden platforms have suffered from rotting and warping, making some passengers afraid of walking on them.

* Last week the CTA opened a new "L" station, officially known as the Oakton station on the Yellow Line, making it the first time in nearly 10 years a new "L" stop has opened, noted CBS Chicago.

* Before the end of May the CTA will debut the Morgan stop just west of the Loop on the Green Line.

* WLS noted the CTA is working on replacing about 11,500 feet of rail and is expected to complete this project by the fall.

* According to the Chicago Sun-Times, seven stations on the Red Line will temporary close this summer and fall for major repairs and updates, an initiative that will cost about $86 million.

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