The CW's Arrow: Geoff Johns Dishes On Wednesday Night's Big Reveals

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Stephen Amell in 'Arrow' -- The CW

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Stephen Amell in 'Arrow' -- The CW

It's no wonder "Arrow" was a ratings hit for The CW on Wednesday night (it brought in 3.26 million viewers) - "Dead to Rights" was a huge episode.

One of the biggest reveals was when Oliver Queen had to tell his best friend, Tommy Merlyn, that he is, in fact, the vigilante.

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Olly dropped the news as his last play at convincing Tommy that the only way to save the poisoned Malcolm Meryln (who was hit by a bullet in an assassination attempt by Deadshot) was through an impromptu person-to-person blood transfusion.

"The tension in that scene and the emotion and seeing how it takes Oliver a little bit to realize like, 'This is the only way I'm going to be able to get Tommy to help me save his father,' and to build that tension and the way Glen [Winter] directed it is brilliant," DC Comics' Geoff Johns, who wrote the episode, told . "That and the fallout between Oliver and Tommy at the end, those [were] my two favorite scenes to write by far."

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Also huge on Wednesday's episode - the debut of Alex Kingston as Laurel Lance's mom!

"It was great," Geoff said of being able to pen the scene, which happened at the tail end of the episode. "There was a lot of discussion about the ending and that last line [which suggested Laurel's sister may be alive] like, how much do we reveal, how far do we go and Greg [Berlanti] was really the one, I think, if I remember correctly, he said, 'Let's go for it!' And I love that... You watch that episode and it just changes direction like crazy."

With so many doors opening in last night's episode, Geoff said the "Arrow" writers will continue to embrace more opportunities for good drama.

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"That's what makes this stuff fun is that doors open to stories, to possibilities, to character interactions, to character choices, to people that will come together, people that will split apart, mysteries that will be solved, more mysterious that will be found," he said. "That's the best thing about writing an episode like this where there are so many reveals, 'cause the reveals, all they are making you eager for is more story and I'm always eager for more stories.

"We're gonna put every good idea out there," he continued. "You've gotta have confidence that you can't save ideas. If they organically work, go for it."

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"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on The CW.

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