'Daily Show' Calls Do-Nothing Congress a Bear That Eats Goldilocks

The Atlantic

Now that the future of the Voting Rights Act has been left to Congressional formulation by Tuesday's Supreme Court decision, John Oliver took a look on last night's Daily Show at just how ineffectual Congress has been, what with the House even voting down the usually easy-to-pass Farm Bill. 

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After explaining that the bill failed because current GOP members thought it cost too much and Democrats thought it cut too much from food stamps, Oliver used a Goldilocks analogy. "It's like the bill is Goldilocks and the first bear says, 'I think food stamp cuts are too low,' and the second bear says, 'I think food stamp cuts are too high,' and instead of there being a moderate bear the first two bears tear Goldilocks limb from limb and eat her," he explained. 

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Oliver went onto wonder if Congress is maybe just attempting "tantric lawmaking," wherein it just looks like they are doing nothing. But, he admitted they can get some "borderline meaningless legislation" passed: hence, Oliver made a montage. 

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