Dallas Weather Forecast Ominous Again for Super Sunday

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Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

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Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Dallas weather forecast news has been all bad this week. Yet the Dallas weather forecast for this weekend was expected to get better. Temperatures were projected to climb up, while no further major snowfalls or ice storms had been predicted. Since the Super Bowl is indoors, much of this is mute for the game itself. However, the latest Dallas weather forecast indicates that conditions could still be difficult for the arriving fans.

Before Friday, things were finally starting to look bright for the region. Temperatures were set to get higher, with conditions slated to get milder by game time. Yet according to the National Weather Service, another wintery mix may arrive at the worst time.

Sunday's Dallas weather forecast now projects freezing fog for the morning hours, followed by another potential rain or snowfall at night. Although the fans in Cowboys Stadium will be toasty warm inside, it may be a difficult ride to get there.

Bridges, ramps and highways are still potentially treacherous across the region. Traffic is certain to be bumper to bumper heading into Cowboys Stadium due to volume and the need to drive very carefully. Therefore, drivers have to be extra aware of their surroundings at all times.

If the new Dallas weather forecast projections are right, and more bad conditions arrive, then it will add another level of difficulty. Even if they get to the stadium safely, however, the danger might not be completely gone.

Friday, six people were injured when leftover snow and ice fell from the Cowboys Stadium roof. Therefore, stadium officials and the league have to make sure that can't happen again Sunday. If another wintery mix comes soon, then this makes their task all the more urgent.

Whatever the Dallas weather forecast turns out to be, it should hardly be the worst on a Super Bowl Sunday. Detroit, Minneapolis and Atlanta have dealt with worse before Super Sunday and were bailed out by indoor stadiums. Yet given the league's weather problems this year, and their choice to host the Super Bowl in New Jersey in three years, the conditions are a more notable subplot this time.

These problems will be a big story before game time, but once kickoff starts, that presumably won't be the case. It could be a problem again once fans have to leave Cowboys Stadium, yet fans of the winning team won't be in any rush.

It looked like the Dallas weather forecast would finally let up when it counted the most. Instead, fingers are crossed all over again for Sunday as the city and Cowboys Stadium spend today making their final cleanups.


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