Dancing Elephants in the Converged Cloud

Dancing Elephants in the Converged Cloud

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Dancing Elephants in the Converged Cloud

Among the highlights of last year’s HP Discover events in Las Vegas and Frankfurt were Chris Coggrave’s sessions on launching the data center into the Cloud. Chris is Worldwide Director of HP IT Infrastructure Services, and one of his favorite metaphors for the current, highly siloed state of enterprise data centers is the old story about the blind men and the elephant – you remember, the one about how the guy who touched the elephant’s tail thought it was an old rope, the one who touched the leg thought it was a tree trunk?

In the same way, says Chris, before you move your data center into the cloud, you better be able to see the whole animal – not just bits of it. (And anyone who remembers Lou Gerstner’s business best seller Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Leading a Great Enterprise Through Dramatic Change will get an extra kick out of Chris’ metaphor!)

Chris is planning to be at Discover in Las Vegas in June. Catch up with him and chat about Converged Cloud and what it can do for your organization. In the meantime, check out his latest thinking on the infrastructure implications of cloud computing in these blogs:

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Looking Through the Clouds in 2013: It’s All About Integration  Chris cuts through the confusion around datacenter convergence initiatives and points the way to a sound decision about how much integration is right for your organization. This post includes Chris’ 3-part video discussion, recorded at HP Discover in Frankfurt, on Cloud and the data center.

How to Cloud-Enable Your Data Center Chris lays out a road map for the steps beyond virtualization; includes the slides from his Discover track keynote “Cloud Enabling Your Data Center” and his session “Building a Strategy for Converged Infrastructure for Your Data Center.”

To learn more about Chris and how he can help you take a pragmatic approach to incorporating new technologies into your current IT infrastructure, visit his HP Expert profile page.

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