David West Deal Falls Through for Boston: Fan Reaction

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Yet another big deal was brewing for the Boston Celtics, and yet again they came up empty-handed. David West is no Chris Paul (or Dwight Howard for that matter), but the two-time All-Star would have made the biggest offseason move Danny Ainge and company could muster. West would have been the runner's up prize doled out by the New Orleans Hornets after CP3 initially opted for Los Angeles instead of Boston.

As consistent and reliable as anybody in the NBA, West definitely wouldn't have been a shabby addition to the squad, even if he might not have been enough to put Boston over the top for a title shot. As it stands, Danny Ainge has been given the cold shoulder again, this time getting beat by none other than Larry Bird.

Apparently, Jermaine O'Neal and the two Boilermakers picked up in the draft, JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore were on the table. Instead, the Indiana Pacers and their own president of basketball operations, Bird, swooped in (excuse the pun) to grab West as soon as the Celts deal fell through. The Pacers' play for West is reportedly a done deal, with the power forward signing a 2-year contract worth $20 million to go to Indiana.

So what are Cs fans like me left with? Well...we've picked up a decent backup PG in Keyon Dooling. The 6-foot-10 Chris Wilcox can help fill in the gap at center. Oh yeah, we re-signed Jeff Green too.

Seriously though, it feels like we missed the bus. About the only good offseason news right now is that the Los Angeles Lakers won't be getting CP3 or DH12. Apparently, Paul now looks likely to end up with the Clippers , while the Lakers aren't willing to give up Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum for Howard.

Besides, it's too early to give up on a title just yet. The Celts roster right now isn't exactly a bad one by any stretch. The pieces we have for now are enough for a solid start right through to the trade deadline. By then, with literally anybody and everybody on the table, you can bet that Ainge will be using his most valuable bargaining chips to position the Cs for the post-season. The bottom line is that the season hasn't even started yet and we still have no idea what this Cs squad will look like come spring.

Taurus Londono has lived in Massachusetts for over ten years. He is a longtime fan of the Boston Celtics.

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