DC Comics will turn a formerly straight comic book character gay

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The creators of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern will soon make one character come out of the closet.

During an interview with The Advocate at the Kapow comic convention in London, DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio said that a formerly straight character will switch sexual preference to become a homosexual character.

In 2011, DC Comics announced that it would stop making new issues of its old line of comic books, and relaunch the DC Universe starting with 52 #1 issues in August 2011. The relaunch featured new homosexual characters, but the gay community questioned why none of the older characters switched sexual orientation.

During the interview with The Advocate, DiDio said that the position on gay characters, just like the President of the United States, “has evolved,” and DC Comics will feature a character who switches teams. So which character will it be? Our money is on Batman and/or Robin.

Recently, both DC Comics and Marvel have featured more LGBT characters in comics like “Young Avengers,” “Batman,” and even “Archie.”

Tomorrow, Northstar, a character in Marvel’s “Astounding X-Men” will announce his engagement to his boyfriend on “The View” — and we know that the happy couple has the blessing of President Obama.

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DC Comics will turn a formerly straight comic book character gay

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