A Decided Voter's Pick: Energy, Hurricane Get a Vote for Obama

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In early summer, Yahoo News asked a handful of undecided voters to keep a running diary of their campaign-related experiences and thoughts. They've written occasionally about news stories and events that are coloring their choices. In this last installment, they're revealing their decision -- if they've made one.

COMMENTARY | Up until just a few days ago, I was still an undecided voter. As an unaffiliated single mother and an energy reporter who recently moved from fossil fuel-rich western Colorado to Northern California, I found that I appreciated bits and pieces of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's campaigns.

Unfortunately, I disagreed with both campaigns on an awful lot as well.

Neither candidate has been particularly truthful, either with presenting his record or the record of his opponent. I don't feel that either is the best this country can do as far as leadership goes. But, while I'm not entirely happy with my choice, I have now made a choice to vote for Obama.

The reason I decided, finally, that I would be voting for Obama was because I feel his energy policy is, more and more, becoming an "all of the above" strategy. Though he does not mention coal nearly as often as many other sources of energy, he has mentioned it more lately and his administration has encouraged technology that will allow coal to continue to be an important part of our energy mix.

Additionally, I have been impressed by Obama's handling of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath in the Northeast. He has been very responsive, hands-on and willing to work in a non-partisan manner for the good of the people in the impacted states. It's the leadership and the setting down of partisan bickering that I've been waiting to see.

I think this country has a long way to go before it begins to look like the rosy picture the president sometimes paints. There needs to be more cooperation from both sides.

After close to a full term of on-the-job training though, I'm feeling like Obama is starting to hit his stride. I think he should continue.

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