Detroit-Area School Closures Due to Camo-Dressed Visitor

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School was closed Tuesday at L'Anse Creuse High School in Detroit-area Harrison, Michigan, after a man entered wearing camouflage, reports the Detroit Free Press. Was this overreacting by school officials, a logical consequence of post-Sandy Hook fear, or simple common sense?

L'Anse Creuse Incident

A young man walked into the high school around 6 a.m. today wearing military camo, a flak jacket, and an empty gun holster. Macomb County Sheriff Tony Wickersham explained that the man was a 21-year-old airman from nearby Selfridge Air National Guard Base. Wickersham said the man was not carrying a gun and was looking for a high school counselor to get a recommendation. After being told the counselor wasn't there, he exited the school, found the counselor in the parking lot, and went to a home in Harrison Township. Sheriff's deputies caught up with him, questioned him, and released him, says Click on Detroit.

School Reaction

After encountering a man dressed in military gear without an entirely clear objective, school officials took no chances. Just-arriving students were taken to a secure location until a safety sweep was done. The high school, nearby L'Anse Creuse Middle Central School, and Graham Elementary School were all closed just in case. High schoolers were supposed to take ACT exams today, and testing will have to be rescheduled. Wickersham called the visitor's decision to come to school dressed in combat fatigues "poor judgment."

Backwash From School Shootings

Was closure for a camouflage-dressed adult entering school reactionary? School shooters have dressed this way before. Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza did, says The New York Times. Typically, accessories like holsters aren't worn unless there is an accompanying weapon. Though many schools tolerate hunting camo, dress codes prohibit students from wearing actual military or paramilitary gear.

A 25-year veteran teacher, homeschool parent, and Michigan native, Marilisa Sachteleben writes about educational issues in and around her state's most pivotal city of Detroit.

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