Detroit City Council to Proceed with Consent Agreement Vote

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Detroit's financial stability agreement discussions might come to an end today as the Detroit City Council plans to vote finally on whether to enter into a consent agreement with Michigan, Detroit Deputy Mayor Kirk Lewis said in a media briefing. Here are details on these proceedings.

* Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder ordered a state financial review team, headed by State Treasurer Andy Dillon, to look at ways to fix Detroit's nearly $200 million budget deficit. The committee was charged with determining whether a consent agreement or an emergency manager was the best option, Michigan Radio reports.

* On Monday, an Ingham County judge declared the committee's legal authority had expired. He placed a restraining order on further committee actions, including a vote on a consent agreement with the Detroit City Council.

* The City Council has several times delayed voting on a consent agreement that would prevent a takeover by an emergency manager, Michigan Radio reports. Some members felt the question of the legality of the meetings would nullify any action they took. Other members believe a consent agreement might not be perfect but it's better than an emergency manager.

* Detroit Deputy Mayor Lewis has been acting on behalf of Mayor Dave Bing, who underwent surgery March 24. He was readmitted to Henry Ford Hospital on Wednesday after he experienced some post-operative discomfort, Michigan Radio reported.

* The restraining order against Dillon's meetings was lifted by a Michigan Court of Appeals ruling and the City Council vote is expected to take place soon. Lewis says there are probably enough votes to proceed with the consent agreement.

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