Disabled, but active, Vietnam veteran gets all-terrain wheelchair

A Vietnam War veteran who has no feeling in his legs got the gift of a lifetime — a $20,000 all-terrain wheelchair.

U.S. Marine Jerry Baylor, 68, returned home from Vietnam without any serious injuries but was severely wounded in an accident on American soil.

In 1980, a car with defective brakes hit him while he was riding his motorcycle, according to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Baylor, of Leechburg, Pa., never let his disability define him or discourage him continuing his high-octane lifestyle.

When not speaking to other veterans, Baylor, whose friends call him Bull, can be found using his upper-body strength to maintain an active lifestyle, which includes marathons, track and field events, rugby matches, and weightlifting.

He regularly wins medals while competing at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

"The medals aren't what's important to me,” he said, according to Veterans Affairs. “What's important is I've talked 40 or 50 guys into joining me at the Games to show them what they can do. When you see their faces out here for the first time, man, that's what it's all about."

Well-wishers and friends wanted to give something back to Baylor, so they pooled their money together to buy him an All-Terrain Action TrackChair, reported WTAE-TV.

The wheelchair will allow him to traverse snow and rough ground that he had not been able to cross since his accident — 35 years ago.

Upon receiving the chair, which comes equipped with a gun rack for hunting, Baylor told the Pittsburgh TV station that he could not wait to head out into the woods again.

“You help other people," he said to the ABC affiliate. "It makes you feel good, and it comes back. It really does. It’s amazing."