Disney Trademarks 'Seal Team 6'

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Disney Trademarks 'Seal Team 6'

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Disney Trademarks 'Seal Team 6'

Disney has already trademarked the words "Seal Team 6," the name of the special forces team that killed Osama bin Laden, reports FishbowlNY. It took a mere two days after the announcement of Bin Laden's death for them to submit their application on May 2nd -- corporate capitalization on global issues at its most efficient.

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Disney’s three applications for “Seal Team 6″ (available by searching the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website) include an application for "Clothing, footwear and headwear," "Entertainment and education services," and "Toys, games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles (except clothing); hand-held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; Christmas stockings; Christmas tree ornaments and decorations; snow globes."

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Though we can't quite picture a Bin Laden raid-themed Christmas, it's fairly remarkable how ahead of the curve Disney was on this high-demand trademark. On May 6th, the Outdoor Recreation Group Corporation submitted a trademark application for the passable substitute "Team 6" for "backpacks, duffle bags, gun cases, shooting accessories, cases, games," and on May 10th, MetroGames of Mountain View, Calif also trademarked "Team 6" for "Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer." It's safe to say we can all prepare for an onslaught of merchandise.

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