DOH Cites Salty Dog with C-lvl 48 Violation Points

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The Department of Health really doesn't like to issue B and C grades, preferring instead to give restaurants multiple chances to earn an A grade.

Which is why Salty Dog (at 7509 3rd Ave; 718 238-0030) hasn't received a grade despite being cited with 48 points worth of sanitary violations on yesterday's DOH inspection report, which exceeds the cut off for the lowest possible grade, a C, by 20 points.

The 48 points stem from 9 separate violations, 5 of which are identified as "critical." Worth noting is that none of these violations relate to vermin or bugs of any kind, which are very common violations in these reports.

We expect the DOH will return in about 2 weeks or so to conduct a follow-up inspection and we also fully expect that Salty Dog will receive a much improved score the second time around. The last DOH report they received from February of 2010 identified only 9 points worth of violations, which is quite good, so we know they are capable of meeting the DOH's strict standards.

Now we just have to wait and see if they are able to do so again.

Check here, for more information on how the Department of Health scores these reports. To see the full reports including description of violations, use DOH's search page here.


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