Don‘t Fall Victim to the ’Remove Timeline’ Facebook Scam

Facebook users are slowly converting their profiles to the new Timeline style, which will be inevitable for all users eventually, but with that comes some pining for the old Facebook style. Some scam artists are capitalizing on those who want to reverse and go back.

But according to Gizmodo, once you switch to Timeline, there is no going back and users should beware of scammers offering them wishful methods to return to the old look. According to Inside Facebook, there are 16 pages related to Timeline among the top search results that are scams with more than 71,000 likes:

The social network has been unable to keep up with the volume of pages that are fraudulent or otherwise in violation of Facebook terms. There are few, if any, preventative measures to keep these pages from being created. The company relies on users to report pages after the fact. Systems prioritize these reports and a team of reviewers respond by removing the page or alerting law enforcement if necessary. With 800 million people using the site, many issues can be resolved this way, but the new crop of Timeline-related scams shows the need for improvement, both in reducing Facebook scams and helping users understand how to protect themselves.

Any site saying you can reverse Timeline is reported to be a scam.

All Facebook users can do is accept that Timeline is here to stay and avoid trying to go back. Once users switch over to Facebook, they do have seven days to approve the profile before it goes public.