Donkey Not Allowed to Run for Office, Ecuador Officials Say

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This seems like a fair ruling: Ecuadorian officials said that, despite pleas from passionate voters, a donkey would not be allowed a spot on its ballots in upcoming elections, the Associated Press reports.

About 40 people paraded the jackass near Guayaquil's electoral council offices, where they beat on drums, threw up confetti, and even designed a faux voter registration card for the animal, but the hullabaloo had no effect. Electoral council members wouldn't even let the poor candidate into their offices.

Regardless, the scheme might have reached its goal. Donkey supporters said they were trying to draw attention to and demonstrate how important February's elections are, even if their pet can't win the race.

Ecuadorians aren't the first to trust animals more than humans.

In Brazil in 1996, Frederico the Goat ran for the position of mayor in Pilar, tells us. But it wasn't at all smooth sailing.

Freddy was a popular goat--some 50 cars drove in a convoy in support of the candidate. But he also had his enemies: He was found with lots of foam in his mouth, the article reported, leading some people to think that a political rival had poisoned him.

It wouldn't be the first assassination attempt: During the 50-car convoy, the election vehicle was shot at.

More recently, a cat ran for office in Virginia.

The feline, named Hank, was running for U.S. Senate, the Huffington Post reports.

Although it started as a joke, things got real as the campaign went on. Hank (campaign motto: "It's ok to vote the humans out) raised $60,000 for animal-rescue organizations and likely nabbed at least some of the state's 7,319 write-in votes.

Hank's career started during Virginia's state senate races. His owners were sick of seeing campaign signs everywhere, so they started posting their own "Hank for Senate" signs all over the place, the Huffington Post reports. He actually got nine write-in votes, so the family figured, why not run for the next highest seat?

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