On The Download: Avril Lavigne's 'Goodbye Lullaby'

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Avril Lavigne's 'Goodbye Lullaby' -- RCA Records

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Avril Lavigne's 'Goodbye Lullaby' -- RCA Records

It's been a long time coming. Four years, to be exact.

Now, Avril Lavigne's new album, "Goodbye Lullaby," is finally here!

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Some might call the Canadian native's style "pop," some call her "rock" and some try to describe her as everything in between. Well, I say, 'Let's refrain from labeling her.' She is simply a musician, plain and simple. And true musicianship means taking a leap and not being afraid to explore every kind of sound and emotion that inspires you, which is exactly what she does on this album.

So, we all know Avril originally from her "Complicated" days -- and more recently, from her "Girlfriend" days. On her fourth album, the angst is still there, but it's not as prevalent as it has been in the past. We definitely get that sound in the lead single, "What The Hell?", but don't let that catchy song fool you. The rest of the album is much more subdued and meditative. She's showing signs of growing up as evidenced in songs like "Push" and "I Love You." She poignantly explores heartbreak in "Not Enough" and "Remember When."

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Perhaps the most personal song on the album, "Goodbye," is a hard one to listen to, particularly if you've ever had your heart broken. The words, as simple as they are, are all too true. As she sings, "I have to go, I have to go and leave you alone," the song builds into a crescendo and tugs at the heartstrings.

Still, the album isn't all "what if's" and "goodbyes." In "Smile," she sings about making out with someone all night and then waking up with a new tattoo. Never one to be lacking in the lyrics department, in her signature ballad, "Wish You Were Here," she sings, "Damn, damn damn, what I'd do to have you here... I love the way you are with who I am. Don't have to try hard."

Just as a fair warning, she makes good use of swear words on the album, which I'm personally a sucker for in songs.

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Avril worked with producer Max Martin on "Goodbye Lullaby," as well as ex-husband Deryck Whibley (of whom a lot of the songs seem to be about, but you can read into it what you will). Yet, there seems to be no ill will between the two.

The proof is in the words sung by an older, wiser Avril.

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