You can download OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 for your Mac right now

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After releasing OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6 to developers earlier this week, Apple has just released Yosemite Public Beta 2 complete with a new iTunes version to Mac owners that have already signed up for the public beta program.

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The 1.70GB update is available for download right away from the Mac App Store app just like any other OS X update, and will bring users several changes including the new features already noted in DP6, such as new icons for System Preferences, Mail and Safari, the new screen sharing feature for iMessage, new wallpapers, a translucent background for Dashboard, as well as other tiny, but observable design tweaks and changes.

For what it’s worth, the Yosemite build numbers of DP6 and Beta 2 are nearly identical (14A329f for DP6 and 14A329r for Beta 2).

A new option to automatically install OS X updates (including future beta releases), is also available, and Mac users will get a new Diagnostics and Usage screen when the new beta boots up, allowing them to set their preferences in regard to sharing data with Apple and app developers.

iTunes 12 beta introduces “an elegant new design, the ability to share purchases with your family, and improvements that make organizing your library fun and easy,” Apple says in the update description.

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